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Fuck the Bullshit

My give a damn's busted

Low Speed Chase
21 August 1984
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Takin' it to the Chaximum...

Vitals: I like food, football, friends and 134 other things. I'm a closet geek and a Leo. My two cartoonish portrait icons were made using Abi-Station.

This is me:

And so is this:

24, 2pac, ac/dc, advertisements, angela mccluskey, angus young, antonin scalia, bad pop music, ballard, beer, beth's cafe, bill of rights, bitch magazine, black and white photography, bookstores, boone's farm, boy bands, boys like her, business, buttrock, ccr, cheeze its, chicken in a biskit, chocolate labs, civil rights, classic rock, coffee, coffee shops, comfy chairs, constitutional interpretation, constitutional law, cookie monster, cracking jokes, crayons, crossword puzzles, dilbert, dogs, driving around, drop dead gorgeous, duke law, economics, education, escalades, eternia, facebook, fiscal conservatism, football, fucking, gay marriage, gay rights, geeking out, gender, gender equality, ghetto nintendo, grilled cheese, hanging out, happy hour, hartford, hip-hop, history, hott, intellectuals, italian food, janeane garofalo, jurisprudence, karaoke, king of the hill, kmtt, laughing, law, law and order: svu, legal studies, legal theory, legos, libraries, mac & jack's, mariska hargitay, meatwad, media studies, mental floss, my cousin vinny, nikka costa, ninjas, photography, politics, procrastinating, rainy days, ramona quimby, rap, reading, reel big fish, relaxation, road trips, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, saved!, school, school newspaper, seafood, seahawks, seattle, sex, sharpies, shopaholic books, shopping, shoreline community college, slacking, smart people, smart things, smelly pens, social liberalism, starbucks, steady thuggin', stealing coasters, string cheese, super mario bros., supreme court, svu, talib kweli, talking to random people, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the bible, the phantom tollbooth, the roots, the simpsons, tina fey, tori amos, tracy chapman, traveling, trinity college, urban studies, vacations, walker texas ranger, watching football, wilcox chocolate milk, women, writing